Geolocation functioning wrong when Cloudflare is enabled


I have a Joomla website that is set up on Cloudflare.

We have a geolocation function on our site that displays one of two food menus to customers based on their location/IP address.

The tool we’re using for this conditional switching is called “Conditional Content” ( It uses a GeoIP plugin to function (

We have found that when Cloudflare is enabled, geolocation does not work properly. When we disable Cloudflare then it works correctly.

I’ve tried turning off “IP Geolocation” in our Cloudflare account, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference. So there seems to be some other option that is interfering with the proper functioning of geolocation on our site.

Has anyone else experienced this issue before? Is there a known solution for it? We would love to re-enable Cloudflare on our site again but need our geolocation to work too!

Hi @pfultz,

I expect you will need to Restore the Visitor IPs on your server. Currently it is probably just seeing Cloudflare IP addresses and not those of the visitor.


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