GeoIP Redirection


I’m using this wordpress plugin
for redirecting visitors on the basis of GeoIP from one page to other.
E.g. I need to redirect Indian visitors landing on page to
However, post moving to Cloudflare, the redirection doesn’t work.

Also, I’m using another plugin for making appointments on this page ( which identifies the visitor’s timezone on basis of IP. However, post cloudflare deployment, it only recognizes Singapore.

Can you please help me with these 2 issues.

Your server probably isn’t restoring Visitor IP addresses from the Cloudflare Proxy:

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Could you help me understand which option to take. My site is hosted on Godaddy Cpanel and uses Wordpress as CMS.
Also, would setting the following page rule resolve the issue?

If your software can be configured to look at headers, it would be the CF-IPCountry header. Otherwise, you’ll have to see if your host supports the IP proxy headers as described in the article I linked to.

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