GeoIp redirect & caching


We recently signed up on Cloudfare and have 2 questions:

  1. We’re using a wordpress geoip redirect plugin ( to redirect all mexicans users trying to reach our spanish domain ( to be redirected to the mexican one ( On we have activated Cloudfare through SiteGround, our hosting provider.

Our question is if the caching options we have activated on CloudFare can cause any trouble with the GeoIP because it would cache the 1st visitor location and assume everyone else is from the same country. or something like that.

We contacted the plugin creators to ask them about that and told us that only caching options and plugins from Wordpress can cause problems (already desactivated) not a CDN, but we’d like to ensure this because we’re not sure if they are awared that the CDN also has agressive caching options.

  1. If we make any change on our website would you recommend to purge all cache? Something else?

Thanks in advance,


I’m going to say “no trouble.” Cloudflare Caching default configuration is for static resources. Page content will always come from the server.

Do you know how the plugin determines location? You said GeoIP, so I’m guessing IP address. If that plugin can be configured to look at the x-forwarded-for header, it’ll get the visitor’s IP address. If not, then your server needs to be configured to Restore Visitor IP address:

Oh, and as for making changes, Purge All will certainly make sure all changes take effect. That’s your safest bet. As I said earlier, Page Content isn’t cached by default, but CSS, JS, and other static file updates won’t show up right away. You don’t have any special “Cache Everything” page rules, do you?

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