GeoIP not working, seems default to US only

My website forced to US only by Cloudflare

Hi everyone, what can I do to make my listing website to auto-switch visitors to country of origin, as Cloudflare only stationed it to US only.

The response from Cloudflare speed is out of this world for me and I am okay by that, but the only thing taking me back to earth is this geoip :grin::grin:

Currently I use FREE plan, I am planning to use buy PRO but not sure if that will do the GeoIP requirement for my site.


If you want to keep using your current solution, you should be restoring the visitor IP so that the IP you see in your application is the user’s actual IP.

Otherwise, if you can change your application’s logic, you can geolocate the user’s country by using the Cf-IPCountry header.

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Thanks Judge, the challenge I have is I bought the script from Evanto, I have limited idea of PHP programming, but I know the scope of how I want the services to run.

Could you assist on this privately?

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