GeoIP blocking - difference between "does not equal" and "is not in"?

Hi guys

Whats the difference between this two rules? does not equal VS is not in?

I wanna allowe only traffic which is coming from users in the USA

In your case, they’re the same. The US is in both lists. It just so happens that “Not Equals” is checking if it’s not in a list of one item. “Is Not In” is checking if it’s not in a list of one or more items.

Is it not working?


Thank you for your fast answer. So if i wanna whiteliste as example 5 EN Countries like UK, USA, CA, AU and NZ then “is not in” would be the better option right?

Because if i use “does not equal” i have to work with OR right?

But they have no impacts or differences between performance etc.?

For NOT, that would have to be a bunch of AND statements. That’s why lists are easier.

No. No difference.


you are a great person - thank you so much!


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