Geographic Coverage - Billing / Plans?

I’ve noticed that CF is showing coverage in various geographic areas. However, in the: “Web Traffic Requests by Country” view, our resources are NOT showing hits in So. America, or Africa, How can we improve this, or are these continents covered by a different Plan level ?

Unsure of proper category …

What do you mean by ‘showing hits’?

If you mean the CF-Cache-Status: HIT header indicating it was cached on edge, your assets need to be requested in that colo for them to be put into cache. They will also be evicted if unpopular (not requested frequently).

Perhaps I should have said: “However, in the: “Web Traffic Requests by Country” view, of our resources are NOT showing traffic in South America, or African Continent”.

That’s based on the location assigned to that IP address by MaxMind, Cloudflare’s GeoIP provider.

If someone with an IP from that continent got routed to a location in the US, it’d still show up as that continent. It just sounds not very many people have visited from that area - the request analytics is also sampled & based on a % of traffic to your site.

You’d want to advertise and provide relevant content to those geographies if they are a market you want to address.

That is a map of where the visitors originate.