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In the recent blog post there is a mention of Cloudflare publishing a geofeed:

Like many other parties on the Internet, we tag our egress IP space with country codes and publish it as a geofeed (like this one). Notice, the published geofeed is just data. The fact that an IP is tagged as say UK does not mean it is served from the UK, it just means the operator wants it to be geolocated to the UK. Like many things on the Internet, it is based on trust.

Where is that located? I can’t seem to find any documentation regarding it. The one linked is from iCloud / Apple not Cloudflare.

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I think you are asking about this Enterprise feature:

Egress policies · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs ?

Each dedicated egress IP is associated with a specific Cloudflare data center. At minimum, Cloudflare will provision your account with two dedicated egress IPs corresponding to data centers in two different cities.

Dedicated egress IPs are only available on Enterprise plans.

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@user10146 no, I am not talking about that. I am talking about their mention of them publishing a geofeed for the whole Cloudflare egress range.

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