GeoDNS with cloudflare

Does Cloudflare DNS support GeoDNS, returning different ip addresses base on where the requests come from?

Currently I have two servers for different countries and I created an unique host name in DNS for each server. So end users have to choose which server to access.

I want to merge these two hostname into one in DNS. Can Cloudflare DNS return a specific ip based on some rules?

P.S. the servers are not proxied, client computers directly send request to server once the hostname is resolved


Cloudlfare uses Anycast IP addressing, but can provide Geo-related headers, see…

…that you can use in your own server-side code, or you can build a worker…

…or just use redirect rules…

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You can use Geo Steering in Cloudflare Load Balancer.

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Thanks for your response.

I am wondering if it is possible within DNS area.

For some historical reasons, my servers are not proxied by Cloudflare. Clients access Cloudflare DNS to get the server IP only, the actual data traffics do not go through Cloudflare. Some traffics are not regular http(s) requests/responses.

Is there any solution?


You can configure the Cloudflare Load Balancer to be DNS only. Some things clearly will not work the same as a proxied load balancer, but as a DNS load balancer it will do what you asked for.

Is the data on the two servers different, or is this for performance?

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Hi michael,

Thanks for your response.

I added some background information, please see the above post.

Is there any solution?


Thank you again.
Data are on both server are same.

I do not have any experience with Cloudflare Load Balancer.
To enable Cloudflare Load Balancer, what is the minimum plan requirements?

It’s a Paid Add-On on any plan, starting at $5 per month. There are usage fees for DNS lookups, $1 per million, with the first 0.5m free.

If the data is the same on both servers, and you are doing this for performance reasons, using Dynamic or Proximity steering might yield better results.

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thank you so much, I will try the solution you provided.

thank you!

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The Load Balancing (DNS-only) works.

Thank for the great help.

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