Geo targeting on DNS level

Hi all,
(Noobs question warning)
I have a requirement that I’m sure that CF supports it and I would appreciate pointing me to the right documentation since the search got far too many different results :slight_smile:
I have a domain AA. I have also a replica for it, aka domain AA-COPY. Each of these sites is hosted on a different server.
I wish that users from a specific country will go directly to AA-COPY. The redirection must be on the DNS level since the server of AA cannot be accessed from this country (so all htaccess redirection and server-based rules cannot apply).
Same goes to the other way, all traffic from all other countries must be channeled to AA website, even if the user types AA-COPY in the address bar.

I’m pretty sure CF supports it, but can’t find where’s the exact documentation.

Hi @assaf1,

There’s a difference between a DNS record and a redirect, and you can’t do a redirect without the domain resolving, so there will have to be a DNS record.

You can do the redirect at Cloudflare, though, so the request doesn’t get to your server. It’s not built in functionality, but can be achieved with Worker.

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