Geo Steering Problems

Hello, 1st time poster. I’m having some issue with the traffic app, Geo Steering. I have setup a load balancer with geo steering for my main outward facing domain (www).

I have 2 pools setup and assigned to the load balancer. 1st pool origin address is our USA server the 2nd pool origin address is set to our Asia server. With the default failover is 1. USA 2. Asia.

I enabled geo steering for 2 regions Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia to use only the pool for our Asia server.

I tested from USA and is connected to the correct (USA) server, but when testing from Asia ( Shanghai) the user is also directed to the USA server and not the Asia server.

Both pools are monitored and status is “Healthy” and my balancer states I have 2 of 2 pools available. But is not directing the Asia based visitors to the correct pool / server.

Unfortunately load balancing is not supported in China at this time. But if you try from a PoP other than Shanghai I think it will work as you expect.

That being said, you may want to try changing the A record for your domain to point to your China origin instead (or add a second to point to it). It won’t have the healthchecks or failover protections, but it should help.

The Load Balancing configuration takes precedence over the A records in areas that it’s supported, but in China (where it’s not) it will fall back on the A records.


Hi, Same thing happening with my India Origin as well, both USA and India IP is opening same webpage?