Geo steering in Africa

I have a problem with the load balancer using traffic if I use the Africa region. There is no problem with the other regions that I use, everything works correctly.
I’m redirecting traffic for the domain to multiple servers in different regions. I have a server in Africa (Johannesburg). After setting up the balancer, traffic is redirected to the Western Europe region.
I also noticed that in in the region of Johannesburg, South Africa - (JNB) the value is Re-routed
And how can it be eliminated?
Thank you!

Hi @jeryjefryjey,

As traffic currently hitting JNB is currently being re-routed, Cloudflare automatically selects the region where the traffic is redirected to. Please refer to our Geo steering · Cloudflare Load Balancing docs.
documentation for instructions on how to set-up geo-steering.