Geo routing

Hello, help me solve the problem, there is a site that is located in two clusters, for example, I would like to send users from Canada to the cluster I need. I see that it is possible to do this through worker, but I do not know javascript and it will be a redirect, but I need to send it immediately without a redirect (the site name remains unchanged) to the cluster I need. I am trying to get this result through balancing, but so far I am also not getting success. What is the right way to go? perhaps there is another simpler way that I don’t see because the function opens for an additional fee.
Summing up what I want to get. All site accesses are randomly distributed between two clusters, but for users in Canada and China, I need to send to a specific cluster. There should be no redirection or change of the site name for the user.

I’ll use Load Balancing instead because the geo routing is already built-in, no need to worry about writing a custom Workers script.

You should be able to use Custom Rules to do that.

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