GEO problem, website works in certain places

The following website is using the Cloudflare pro package, however, we are continually running into problems.

We have multiple writers from all over the globe and for some writers, the website is unavailable, it shows a 521 error. When I check the website on my end it’s loading and working fine.

A few of my writers have the same problem, it’s mainly from Pakistan and Egypt.

I also get the following email from Cloudflare on a regular basis: Screenshot - 8ed2bd091e23c44f8ebb5758d998ac22 - Gyazo

Hopefully, I can get some assistance

Thanks & Regards,

If you get 521s only for certain regions that would suggest your webserver is blocking connections from certain Cloudflare datacentres.

You need to make sure that none of the ranges from is blocked on your server. Check your firewall logs for that.

The other issue is that you have an invalid certificate on your server and hence an insecure encryption mode on Cloudflare. You need to fix that too and get a valid certificate.

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