GEO DNS Without loadbalancer? How To?

Hello there are so many products its easy to get lost.

Our app uses Websockets and sends a lot of traffic. This is what we “think” we want.

We have a web app soon to be on your CDN.
The webapp opens a websocket connection, the WS uses a lot of bandwidth.
We have 3 geo locations. Finland, Germany, Kansas City USA.
Each geo location has location prefix. kns, hel, fsn.

When you hit you get served off the cdn.
When you open a WS connection to (we want it to go to our nearest datacenter by geo). We do not want to use a loadbalancer that passes the traffic through all your servers because there is ALOT of bandwidth. Will something like your anycast work here?

Can anyone recommend something or will a setup like this work with cloudflare?

You can use the Geo-Steering Load Balancer on a :grey: hostname, which will Route to specific pools based on the Cloudflare region serving the request.

But the question is a bit confusing. You cannot simultaneously have connections to terminated on a CDN and going to your own data centre.

It might be worth opening a support or sales ticket with your use case to see if it violates the terms of service. Bandwidth is not necessarily an issue, depending on what you are doing.

We do video streaming and file sharing. File upload/download happens via websockets as well as video streaming (because we need to encrypt/decrypt the stream clientside).