GEO DNS SRV for UC applications

Hi team,

I am looking for a GEO DNS service over SRV records for my Cisco UC infrastructure. I have an SRV that points to a single site and I need this SRV to point to three sites.

A user that wants to connect to the service (Cisco Jabber) needs to connect to the closest site and from there to gain access to the network.

Cisco claims that LB is not officially supported and they support GEO DNS over SRV records.

Is this something that CloudFlare can offer?

Thanks in advance

Define (the host specified in the SRV record) as a :grey: LB in Cloudflare.
Create 3 pools
Define the regional IP target for a regional origin in each pool.
Set up geo-steering for the appropriate pool/ region.

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Have had a number of customers implement this for Cisco and other UC apps.

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