Generic Donation App



Hi. I see there is a donation app available here specifically for the earthquake in Mexico - which is great!

Is there anything in the works for a more generic donation app? Perhaps similar to the earthquake one (simple banner), or possibly a popup like the Net Neutrality Day app?

A key feature would be the ability for the user to specify certain organizations (as the app could apply globally), otherwise I think it could remain very simple.

In a broad sense this app could be applied to sites worldwide if/when events dictate the need for donations in a particular geographic location.

I think this would be a very cool way of utilizing this platform!


I’m not sure Andy. I have pointed a couple of members of the app team to some 3rd party providers like Blackbaud who build fundraising platforms to suggest we notify them about the existence of the app platform so that they have the potential to create apps for the thousands of non-profits that they work with.

I agree that Cloudflare’s App platform could be a very valuable fundraising tool, I don’t want us to pick the winners and losers as far as charities go though (nor do I really want us to vet the potential charities).

I think we’re more than willing to share some sample code with someone who wanted to build the type of solution you’re describing. There’s so much goodwill amongst Cloudflare customers and the interwebs in general that making it easy to fundraise for legit organizations with a ‘trusted app’ would definitely be a powerful use of our platform. I’ll point the apps tea over to this thread so they can chime in with their thoughts since I can only speak for myself.


Thanks @cscharff!

I agree with this and believe such an app would have a high rate of utilization and engagement. Thanks for your thoughts and for sharing this thread!


ping -c 1