Generic Access List Support

Currently the Lists in Zero Trust support things like Emails, URLs, device UUIDs, IPs etc.
It would be great to get a general purpose list that can be used with Access rules like OIDC Claims to provide a large number of valid values at once.

For example using e.g. Discord as an OIDC source via a worker each user has a unique ID e.g. 231781824593002497
Adding 100 people means I have to create an Include rule for every ID individually, being able to provide a CSV List as can be done for other data points would be invaluable to make this easier to work with.
Furthermore the description fields of lists make IDs much more human readable if trying to change access rapidly: “231781824593002497 >> Alice Bloggs”.

Bonus points if a custom regular expression can be provided to validate the values in that Generic List Type.