Generating subtitles for Stream videos

Hi all. I am currently adopting stream, moving over from S3/Cloudfront.

I have the process working, but I am missing a link. Subtitles.

I can see the API for uploading VTT files. I can also see the docs for generating subtitles for original files using AI workers.

I had assumed (seemingly incorrectly) that the generation of subtitles would be automated given this is supposed to be a one shot fix for streaming requirements and lesser features such as watermarks are supported.

So - assuming I am not missing a flag for subtitle generation somewhere - how can I get access to the audio tracks for the stream to generate and upload subtitles post conversion/encoding? Anyone managed to get this working properly already?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

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We will be launching this feature very soon! It will allow you to auto-generate captions for your VOD videos.

And we’re live with an open beta of this feature today! Introducing Stream Generated Captions, powered by Workers AI

Excited for you to try it out

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Thanks for the update. That’s superb for everybody coming to Stream. However, I couldn’t wait 15 days for a reply, so I found another solution, which is now fully integrated into our new system.

Perhaps if and when we need to change our video processing pipelines, I’ll take a look at this.

All the best,


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