Generating an alias during a Minecraft connection

Hey. My problem is a strange alias generated when entering the Minecraft server (Waterfall - a variant of the BungeeCord engine). In general, the point is that when entering the game, you generate an alias (in the game log): and this alias bypasses a proxy (which shows the address of the dedicated server) from Cloudflare and on this the address does not have SSL. I do not know what this is caused or how to add proxy and SSL to this address because I want to continue to protect the main server IP. Are these SRV records?


Minecraft proxying is not supported, except for Enterprise customers with Cloudflare Spectrum (I’ve even heard that the original reason for developing Spectrum was for proxying Hypixel’s minecraft service).

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Only that this address from what I already know generates the SRV record. And I see some servers have this secured and do not generate such addresses. Can anyone know how to do it?

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