Generated an Origin CA certificate but how do I access the origin server to install it?

We would like to enable Full or Full (strict) instead of Flexible encryption on our website So we generated the Origin CA certificate on the SSL/TSL > Origin Server tab. We are following the instructions here:

In section 2.1 it says… Upload the Origin CA certificate (created above in Step 1) to your origin web server.

But we don’t know how to access the origin server to install the certificate. We don’t know what kind of server it is. Where are these details? We can’t find in the dashboard. Do we need to raise a ticket to request someone to do this?

Yes, with your host. You need to forward the whole certificate package to your host and they need to configure that.

When you say, your host, do you mean our BlueHost where we have/had our WordPress installed? (I have access to the webserver there.) Or do you mean somewhere in the CloudFlare server network? Just wondering which organisation we’re talking about.

Cloudflare is not your host, they just proxy your site. The certificates they keep are just the proxy certificates. So yes, your actual host is the one where the certificate needs to be configured.

Considering you seem to be on a partner setup, where the proxy addresses do not belong to Cloudflare, everything is even a tad more complex. Your host really is the best point of contact unless you opt for a proper Cloudflare setup where your host only hosts your site.

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