Generate Community Categories to Match CF Panel

Recommend adding categories to the Community forum to match the CF panel functions. See attached.


That is something we considered for launch (and still may do). But at this point we didn’t want to keep the conversations (and users) that isolated from each other. As certain subjects begin to dominate it should become obvious if they need their own area.

In the meantime we have tags for most of the main features, and I’ll add tags for each of the dashboard sections.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Thank you. I am new here and I am seeking for a guide on setting properly my CF caches. Anyone available to assist, please?

Please feel free to post your question in the Getting Started or Performance categories and hopefully someone can assist. :logodrop:

are you just trying to advertise your webpage? As this is totally of subject. @ryan

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removed and suspended. Thanks for the heads up!

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That makes sense, good idea.