General Server Error 502 from UK

Hi there,
My website shows 502 Error when opened from the UK.
I don’t see such problem from other locations.

The website has no restrictions at all and it should be visible from anywhere.
I read many topics on the Cloudflare forum and other internet resources but no luck.

I would appreciate some assistance or sharing ideas.
Thank you very much

The British checkpoint at can access it fine.

Through which datacentre are you going?

I had a report from Dallas, US about the same issue.
I contacted my hosting provider and they replied that do not report any issues on their side.
Now I am confused and don’t know what to do.

“Through which datacentre are you going?”

I am not sure I understand the question fully. I am sorry. Can you please explain

In that case it rather is likely that your hosting provider applies some rate limiting.

502s are covered at Community Tip - Fixing Error 502 / 504: Bad Gateway

As for the datacentre, post the output of

Everything appears OK to me - I’m in the UK.

Hi again. I just saw this issue:
Its not the same but is it possible to be related somehow?

I forgot to mention that my original thought about the 500 ssl topic was provoked by the domain Whois check:

The 500 ssl appears on the whois status. Is it possible real users to see such an error related to this issues?

Different error and should be unrelated. The error you referred to is covered in the mentioned article, however your site still loads fine in the UK.

I don’t know what to do anymore. Please advise me.

I still receive complains and reports about 520 errors.

Well, you didnt really address any of my earlier questions.

But at this point it does not seem to be location specific. Your host most likely applies some rate limiting, but thats something only your host can clarify. Also, a 520 is different from a 502.

Thank you.

For 520s Community Tip - Fixing Error 520: Web server is returning an unknown error

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