General "Referrer Policy" modifying

I just noticed that at two sites of mine I do have the same htaccess, the Headerreferrer-policy” is the same, but not the GeneralReferrer Policy”!
I dont get how or where to change this and can this be changed/modifyed with CloudFlare?

I’m talking about this:

They both are getting routed through CloudFlare :orange: and do have the same htaccess.
How to modify the General “Referrer Policy”? Or is this not related to CloudFlare?

I may be mistaken, but that top one is the request header, and the bottom is the response header. So it depends on how you arrived at that URL. It looks like the left image is because you clicked from a site with a different Referrer policy than the right hand site’s source.

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True that. Thanks for clearing that out!

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