General questions about moving a website

Can CF be a domain registrar?
I want to move a domain from Network Solutions to CF. (The docs show into NS from another registrar, but not from NS to CF)
The website is having an ssl certificate issue.
Can CF provide ssl certs? (I don’t want a self-signed cert.)

Yes, assuming the TLD of your domain is supported by Cloudflare Registrar. To move from Network Solutions to Cloudflare, you first need to add your website to cloudflare, change the nameservers to the two from cloudflare (remove all others), and then start the domain transfer on Cloudflare’s end, ensure the domain is unlocked at Network Solutions, and get the authorization code from Network Solutions to enter into Cloudflare.

The best bet is to first have the origin have a valid certificate and set TLS/SSL to Full (strict) in the cloudflare dashboard.

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Are you saying to have the cert. issue fixed prior to moving the domain? If so, then a valid cert. would need to be purchased from NS. What do you mean ‘origin’? Can’t the domain be moved per your instr. and then have CF provide a valid cert.?

The server at your hosting provider.

You can generate an origin certificate from the dashboard here, It’s a valid certificate for encryption between Cloudflare and your origin server. Traffic between visitors to your site and cloudflare is encrypted with a Cloudflare Universal SSL certificate.

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