General question about hosting a website using workers

I’ve recently looked into Cloudflare workers and was wondering if it would be possible to host a full site using just workers without having to host and maintain my own web server. In general I’d like to have my site be able to have a user system (Using KV and JSON) and have multiple routes with dynamic content pulled from another KV table. Is this possible using workers or am I heavily misunderstanding something?

Check this out…

Custom solutions like your idea may work as well.

As @matteo said, custom solutions like yours may work. What I do know is running JSON using workers works great. I currently use it in my mta-sts policy routed to a specific URL. I also use SMTP TLS Reporting:

Additionally, I’ve submitted my server, been accepted to, and am now listed on EFF’s STARTTLS-Everywhere list, which is EFF’s project to remove the “TOFU” (trust on first use) factor inherent in mta-sts (Mail Transport Agent Strict Transport Security) in much the same way the preload list for Strict-Transport-Security of sites hard-coded into most browsers. In other words, it’s a preload list for Mail Transport Agents that use Strict-Transport-Security via mta-sts.



where my domain is listed within the enforce section:

    "": {
  "mode": "enforce",
  "mxs": [


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