General Queries on Ceasing Cloudflare Subscription

An IT beginner level here, and will appreciate some advice or explanation if possible. I have a website that is using both CloudFlare (Pro Plan) and DigitalOcean. There are plans to temporary cease all operations to cut some cost pending internal maintenance.

If i were to cease CloudFlare subscription,

  1. Will the website still function the same except it being more prone to ddos?
  2. Will i need to reconfigure anything on DigitalOcean or website?
  3. Will the SFTP, if any, be affected as well in terms of file lost or unable to connect etc? or does CloudFlare even store files and backups in the first place?

The previous team that manages are clueless why they use cloudflare, and unsure where the files are stored at. If ceasing CloudFlare in more issues, then may consider otherwise. Appreciate anyone’s help to my queries.

Free Plan feature will continue.

You can also try Development Mode feature. Enabling Development Mode turns off caching for your site. All requests will be fetched from the origin server. Cloudflare will continue proxying traffic to your origin server without caching any content.

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