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I’m at a loss here trying to help a client of mine, just hoping someone here may have some advice or ideas. Here’s the backstory:

Client has an old website and needed me to build a new one. Had his old company transfer his domain from Squarespace to my GoDaddy account. Pointed the domain to Cloudflare and connected it to the new site.

All of that is working fine, but it did not automatically find any MX/email records. My client has his email with Outlook, just as I do. I created the same records but need a TXT from his email. I did this before very easily with my GoDaddy domain.

Problem is my client has NO idea where he did this 10+ years ago. I’ve tried contacting GoDaddy and this is what they said:

Thank yo ufor confirming and waiting as we have checked that the email is showing to be created in the Microsoft plan and that can also be with cloudflare, I would suggest you to please chreck it once with the cloudfare.

They couldn’t explain further than that.

Any ideas from anyone here? I’m contacting as many companies as I can that he may have worked with, but just getting dead ends. Everything is working, I just need to complete the DNS to get his Outlook email to work.


Then I would recommend getting the necessary records from Microsoft.

Or is your client only using the Outlook mail client and you need to find the actual provider? In that case, you should look at the smtp settings or headers of some old emails to find the provider.

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Correct, Outlook is only the client…he has no idea who the provider is.

I know I’ve done this before, but what should I look for in the header of an email? Or where do I find the SMTP settings? In his Outlook account?

Yes. Your client could open Outlook and search his settings for his SMTP and POP3/IMAP servers. This would tell you who your clients email provider is.

Alternatively, you could look at the headers of one of his received emails for something like this:

Received: from DB4P189MB2390.EURP189.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM (2603:10a6:10:3fe::5) by
 GVXP189MB2007.EURP189.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM with HTTPS; Wed, 17 May 2023 14:47:37

In this case, you can see that my email provider is Outlook.

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