General DNS Issues

On my work network we have approx. 50 machines a mixture of PC/MAC all but 2 of the machines are working without issue.

Today, 2 machines are having intermittent issues accessing websites (bbc amazon Cloudflare)

If I try to ping the domains I’m getting sent to

If I do a tracert to the domain it successfully leaves my network and my ISP then hits a cloudlfare server and ends up at

I have the same issue last week when the Cloudflare servers were having issues, has the problem returned? Any help would be appreciated.

Looks like your problem is that your DNS name servers are returning for things like bbc, amazon, Cloudflare. What are the name servers on the affected machine?

As I say the issue is intermittent with no config changes taking place at this end

Probably need to ask on a Google DNS forum then as to why they’re returning for things like bbc, amazon and Cloudflare.

On one of the machines in question I have gone into incognito mode and then specified that I want to proceed to the website. When I do I get a Cloudflare 1016 error

That means Cloudflare can’t resolve the IP for the hostname that has hit it’s servers. If your DNS is sending things like Amazon to it (which don’t use Cloudflare) then they would be expected. As I say, you need to find out why your DNS server is erroneously returning a Cloudflare IP address ( for things that don’t use Cloudflare.

Your DNS server is run by Google so you would be better investigating the issue via a channel where people know about that kind of thing in case they’ve seen it before.

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