Gemini Protocol TLS 1.3 Hosting a Gemini Server

I want to host a Gemini Protocol Server in TLS 1.3 with CloudFlare.

Gemini is not like the web, but you can host and broadcast audio, text and download any listed files with a low tech Gemini client browser on Ubuntu with dumb terminals, ssh.

Could we bridge Gemini host servers with a kind of IPFS network, or a CloudFlare faster solution to create TLS 1.3 CA certificates and domain names for Gemini hosts and clients, or some solution with CloudFlare to start hosting a secure Gemini server broadcasting an audio stream and help Gemini clients keep a strong privacy when reading a text Blog from a country where reading Bible verses could make you a statistic in the hands of human rights monsters.

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Off the top of my head, Gemini isn’t an HTTP/S service running over a standard port, so this isn’t something currently supported outside Enterprise Spectrum plans.

As it appears to be more of a media and file server, it’s generally beyond the scope of Cloudflare’s core business.

I suggest that if someone needs secure access to it, that they use a VPN.

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Thank you so much for your Answer, it helps. I also saw that in April someone else had a similar answer here: Does Cloudflare support the Gopher and Gemini Protocols?

I have been playing around with Cloudflare Teams - DNS over TLS with Unbound on Ubuntu, even DNS over Tor with cloudflare, but it was so painfully slow. Gemini protocol is using port 1965 on a server with TLS 1.3 on port 853.

HTTPS is on port 443, and cloudflare has DNS over HTTPS (DoH), I think this was an advantage to use HTTPS since firewalls are less likely to block port 443, unless the web becomes useless around the planet, since https:// is mostly what I see first before WWW. Nonetheless, Gemini protocol has a different strategy by using TLS, the problem remains that you could unfortunately block port 1965 or even port 853 with a dictator firewall who no longer wants to see your domain name registered anymore. VPN , yes, but not all VPN solutions are solid, still I would agree to be wise online by using a VPN when banking or online transactions. Thank you for your answer to my experimental joy ride with TLS DNS Cloudflare Tor IPFS Gemini Gopher Https VPN Internet. Not sure what else to help me focus but let me think, hmmm. God bless.

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