Geen verbinding maken

Hello everyone, I’m going to read this.
my site not working not loading not working
Hmm. We can’t find that website.

We cannot connect to the server at

If you entered the correct address, you can:

 Please try again later
 Check your network connection
 Check if Firefox has permission to access the internet (you may be connected but behind a firewall) with VPN and without VPN it also doesn't matter what browser I use at my hoster load the site but that is internal but extreme nothing domain name does anyone have an idea to fix this this is what my hoster says

Thank you for contacting Contabo support; is perfectly reachable, you may check once again.
but I don’t see anything, can anyone help me with this?

No idea where to post-it

Do you see an ERR_NXDOMAIN?

Screenshot 2023-10-09 at 12.40.50 PM

You have 3 problems:

  1. The DNSSEC configuration for your domain is invalid, see: Website test:
    Follow DNSSEC · Cloudflare DNS docs to fix this.

  2. You do not have any records for the www subdomain. Have a look at Redirect Rules (beta) Cheat Sheet and create a redirect to the main domain to fix this (as one possible solution).

  3. Your server responds with a self signed certificate. Change your records to proxied and install an Origin Certificate to fix this: Origin CA certificates · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs


have seen it

The problem is with my hosting, no matter what I try, it doesn’t work or it probably does work with that company. I don’t know much about DNS, but I read too much about it. If anyone thinks it can be fixed, please let me know. .

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