Geedobot and other attacks

Hi we are on the Cloudflare Pro Plan and we keep getting attacked majorly by bots, yesterday it was Latvia, “geedobot”, Wednesday my website was hit hard by bots - we are using a AWS server and when under attack it is taking it down and we have to reboot it, would switching up to a better plan stop this? The Configure Superbot Flight Mode is set at - Definitely Automated = Block, Verified Bots = Allow, Static Resource Protection off, Optimize for Wordpress = On, any help would be really appreciated, we are going into our busiest period of the year and there are so many people relying on this for their jobs. Amanda

Hi @amanda6 Amanda,

Would you be able to log a Cloudflare Support ticket and post it here?

Let me dig in to your traffic and see if there is anything else which can be done.

Thank you.

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Hi, I can’t raise a ticket because I am on a Pro plan, although I have just emailed Purnima N
Senior Technical Support Engineer- Billing & Registrar, to see if we can upgrade for a month to get help on this issue? thanks

Hi @amanda6 customers on every plan type can open Account, Billing, and Registrar tickets here, .

If you encounter any issues, let us know. Once you have a ticket number, please share that here. Sorry for the issues.

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Hi @amanda6 I see your ticket 3056215 and will flag that for my colleagues. If you want to cancel a service, you should cancel that from your dash asap and let the agent on the ticket know once you have done that.

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