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I have a question, how can I make the DNS instead of being from the USA to be from Europe? I don’t know if you have to contract a separate service or how it works.


What do you mean?

If you mean the resolver, this is neither in USA nor in Europe, it is distributed (anycast) and you will connect to whichever instance is closer (for some technical metric) to you.

If you use Cloudflare to proxy connections to your web server, then each user will connect, again, using whichever instance is closer to them. You cannot “geolocate” a Cloudflare IP in any meaningful sense of the term.

Maybe you want to clarify exactly what you want?
(and/or maybe an expert will weigh in).


Thank you, Bernardo.

If you check the IP data that the DNS resolvers always point to US IP’s. Is there no possibility that they are European IP’s?

Best regards and thanks in advance!

Cloudflare’s IP addresses are anycast - all datacenters have the same IP addresses, so there is no IP location.

If you go to a website that is proxied by Cloudflare (say,, you can open to see the actual location that you are connecting to.


Just adding to what Laudian has written, you have to be aware that regardless of the “location” of the IP (if there is a sensible definition for that), the server (addressable by the IP) may be in a different location, or even in multiple (in the example of anycast).

So you could have an “European” IP, pointing to a server located physically in, say, Pakistan.

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