GDPR compliant now that US Privacy Shield isn't?

Hi there,
now that US’s Privacy Shield’s practices are not deemed GDPR compliant, are any of Clouflare’s services affected by this?
Does this now mean that Cloudflare is not a GDPR compliant service? Did Cloudflare rely on Privacy Shield being GDPR compliant to be GDPR compliant?

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I understand that you guys take data seriously, and security is very high on your agenda. However, for us to be GDPR compliant, the services we use have to be GDPR compliant.

So, with Privacy Shield no longer being GDPR compliant, does this now make Cloudflare no longer GDPR compliant? Did you rely on Privacy Shield’s compliancy to be GDPR compliant yourselves.

Just a simple “Yes all our services are still GDPR compliant”, or “No all our services are not GDPR compliant” please.
If they are not all GDPR compliant, please list the ones that are.

I believe this was answered in the linked thread. If you require further clarificaton you best open a support ticket directly.

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Hi there,

it would be nice just to have a Yes or No. It should be that simple. It would be good to have this on a public forum too, where other users can see.

As far as I understand the linked response, that would be rather a “yes” then. But things are certainly subject to change too.

Again, if you want a definitive statement you best clarify this with support.

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Hi @user7293, the linked post is the definitive statement, we continue to monitor developments but “will ensure our ongoing compliance with the EU GDPR Articles 44 and 46.


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