GDPR Cache issue on WooCommerce

My client has reported their customers can see other peoples basket info i.e. gift message, address, total amount etc.

I’ve seen this issue reported before and updated my site from other peoples learnings but it apparently hasn’t done the trick.

I’m running Cloudflare free, SG Optimiser, Siteground, WordPress, WooCommerce (all updated).
I’ve excluded from SG Optimiser caching - my-account/*, cart and checkout.

I’ve now reviewed my Cloudflare page rules. Do you think the issue is a caching issue? If so is it caused by Cloudflare? I read one of their blogs but can’t find ‘bypass cache on cookies’ so I can set ‘wp-.|wordpress.|comment_.*|woocommerce_.’ in my page rules.

Can you please help?

Yes, but you didn’t post your domain name so we can’t check. It’s most likely you’ve added a Cache Everything page rule. If so, then you need to remove that. “Bypass cache on cookies” is only available on Business and Enterprise plans.

Thank you for your reply. I’ve removed the page rule similar to what you have described. Hopefully it works

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