GCS Bucket configuration for Logpush


We are trying to configure Logpush for our Cloudflare domains.

We have set up the Cloudflare’s IAM user as a member on the GCS bucket with the “Storage Object Admin” role and we are getting this error message : Invalid destination configuration: The specified bucket allows getting bucket attributes

It seems that we have an issue with the configuration of our bucket.

Here is the details of the configuration when on the command I look at the details gsutil ls -L -b gs://XXXXXXX/

    Storage class:                  STANDARD
    Location type:                  multi-region
    Location constraint:            US
    Versioning enabled:             None
    Logging configuration:          None
    Website configuration:          None
    CORS configuration:             None
    Lifecycle configuration:        None
    Requester Pays enabled:         None
    Labels:                         None
    Default KMS key:                None
    Time created:                   Mon, 24 Feb 2020 07:52:48 GMT
    Time updated:                   Thu, 02 Apr 2020 17:07:28 GMT
    Metageneration:                 4
    Bucket Policy Only enabled:     False

Do you have any ideas on the root cause ?

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