GCP increased latency after changing region


I have website that sits on Google Cloud Platform. For a couple on months it was located in Iowa region. Direct connection from Europe to the origin over HTTP2/TLS1.3 took around 160ms. By using Cloudflare CDN that increased to ~220 which was completly fine, cause most of the time all files where cached with 50ms latency from nearest CDN.

Two days ago I had to move my services to different region in US - South Carolina. Now, when I connect directy to the origin server I see improvement with latency around 145ms. But when connection is proxied by Cloudflare something strange happens. Some (rarely) requests take ~220ms, but most of the time I see TTFB around 850-950ms.

Is this normal? Will it go back to ~220ms? 850ms is unacceptable.

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