Gcloud server in AUS but Cloudflare in USA (Will it use our local server)


Majority of our traffic comes form Australia, but we do a bit with the US. Currently hosted (Wordpress site) through Google cloud, on an Australian server. But it seems that our site is now exclusively loading from the US if in AUS (Is that standard?) Just want cloudflare to run for everyone expect AUS/NZ traffic or could it decide somehow to use a server ours/theres that’s closest?

Our website is www.insil.com.au

ps: incase you hadn’t figured I’m not web illiterate at all.

What makes you think your site is loading from the US?

To see which Cloudflare location you’re using, check the “colo” in: https://www.insil.com.au/cdn-cgi/trace

I Checked it using the link you sent - It’s using HKG (Hong Kong?) server?

Ok, that sounds almost Australian. As you guessed, Hong Kong based on the airport code.

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