Gazprom Invest fake Web Sites

Dear Cloudflare community,

I have written to you several times regarding several websites that are fraudulent, but I have not yet received any response. These websites are a fraud, and I can provide evidence to support this claim. impersonation of

An organized criminal group has created several websites involved in investment fraud. I kindly request that you shut down the websites listed below. Additionally, please deactivate any websites registered with the same email addresses that you may come across.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Did you submit them on the abuse form? That is the only way to report abuse to the Trust & Safety team, Abuse approach - Cloudflare.

Did you receive the automated reply with a tracking number? The team investigates every report, but that reply may be the only confirmation that you receive. Reports cannot be filed via this forum and we do not have any visibility into the report you file with the T&S team.

If you believe a site is engaged in illegal activity you can report them to local authorities, but we cannot assist you here.

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