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Hello Cloudflare Community, I gave a member access to cloudflare, however, I don’t see where the option to share an specific page with this user is. Can someone guide me through this?

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hahaha, Thank you very much @amayorga… The thing is that I invited that user as a member and, he now has access to dash.cloudflare. The thing is that he’s not seeing any webpage available, and I would like to share the only one I have to him.

I don’t know what you mean by that. When the person logs on the person does not see any zones listed in the account?

Can you describe what you want to accomplish? Do you want to limit this persons dash permissions to just certain tabs or applications or is the post about your actual site?

For example, I have my webpage in which, I need him to have access but under her account… So I added him as a member, we can enter dash.cloudflare now but, has nothing noted under webpages, no

Thank you for your help in this matter @cloonan

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This means they have an account and need to accept your invitation. Did they accept that invitation? Once someone joins your account, they should have a dropdown menu in the upper left corner, as shown in the setup docs linked to earlier.


Mhh, I think I was confused there, I though they had access to my website, but they have access is to my account under the dropdown menu… I think that solves it!, they did accept the invitation but, we didn’t knew this.

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