Gatsby build work fine locally and on netlify but 401 on CF pages

I was using I integrated Storyblok CMS with Gatsby after that pages deployment fails with following error

09:13:03.832	e[2Ke[1Ae[2Ke[G
09:13:03.832	 ERROR #11321  PLUGIN
09:13:03.832	"gatsby-source-storyblok" threw an error while running the sourceNodes
09:13:03.832	lifecycle:
09:13:03.832	Request failed with status code 401
09:13:03.863	e[2Ke[1Ae[2Ke[G
09:13:03.863	e[0m
09:13:03.863	e[0m  e[0me[97me[41mErrore[0me[37me[41m:e[0me[37me[41m e[0me[97me[41mRequest failed with status code 401e[0m
09:13:03.863	e[0m  e[0m
09:13:03.863	e[0m  e[0me[90m-e[0m e[0me[93mcreateError.jse[0me[90m:e[0me[93m16e[0me[37m e[0me[37mcreateErrore[0m
09:13:03.863	e[0m  e[0m  e[0me[90m[repo]/[axios]/lib/core/createError.js:16:15e[0m
09:13:03.863	e[0m  e[0m
09:13:03.863	e[0m  e[0me[90m-e[0m e[0me[93msettle.jse[0me[90m:e[0me[93m17e[0me[37m e[0me[37msettlee[0m
09:13:03.863	e[0m  e[0m  e[0me[90m[repo]/[axios]/lib/core/settle.js:17:12e[0m
09:13:03.863	e[0m  e[0m
09:13:03.863	e[0m  e[0me[90m-e[0m e[0me[93mhttp.jse[0me[90m:e[0me[93m260e[0me[37m e[0me[37mIncomingMessage.handleStreamEnde[0m
09:13:03.863	e[0m  e[0m  e[0me[90m[repo]/[axios]/lib/adapters/http.js:260:11e[0m
09:13:03.864	e[0m  e[0m
09:13:03.864	e[0m  e[0me[90m-e[0m e[0me[93mreadable.jse[0me[90m:e[0me[93m1317e[0me[37m e[0me[37mendReadableNTe[0m
09:13:03.864	e[0m  e[0m  e[0me[90minternal/streams/readable.js:1317:12e[0m
09:13:03.864	e[0m  e[0m
09:13:03.864	e[0m  e[0me[90m-e[0m e[0me[93mtask_queues.jse[0me[90m:e[0me[93m82e[0me[37m e[0me[37mprocessTicksAndRejectionse[0m
09:13:03.864	e[0m  e[0m  e[0me[90minternal/process/task_queues.js:82:21e[0m
09:13:03.864	e[0m  e[0m
09:13:03.864	e[0m
09:13:03.871	e[2Ke[1Ae[2Ke[Gnot finished source and transform nodes - 0.709s
09:13:05.651	Failed: build command exited with code: 1

but the build work fine on both locally and Netlify. I have added required environmental variables to CF Pages.
(I am aware of what 401 one means but this seems only occur on CF Pages)

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