Gateway time-out 504

I applied the ssl issued by Cloudflare to the domain, but if I remove the ssl from certain API calls, I don’t get a timeout error, but if I apply the ssl, I get a timeout 504 error.
I searched and applied 504 related Cloudflare documents, but they are still happening.
The corresponding 504 error is occurring one minute after the request, and I would like to know how to resolve it.

The system configuration consists of a structure in which when the client calls the api from the server, the server calls the api from another engine server and forwards the response to the client.
Ssl is not applied between the server and the engine server.

Sorry to see that you are having that issue.

That error screen specifically means that the error is happening upstream from Cloudflare and we are passing it back.

I would recommend using our community tips on 504.

You can also reach out to the person who maintains either server so that you can find more information about what is causing these errors.

Once you know the specific cause you can figure out if the change can be made at the server or with your Cloudflare settings.


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