Gateway not detected

I have an issue that appeared recently regarding Cloudflare Zero Trust, and a protected resource. I have a page that requires for users to be connected via a gateway (zero trust enrolled warp client) to access a resource.

When I go to the protected resource, I am faced with the following:
403 error - Forbidden
WARP: on
Gateway: off

However, when I go to, I get the following:

The device from which I am accessing a resource has Cloudflare Zero Trust client enrolled (the device shows as online in the admin panel)

This is a relatively new issue, as it appeared recently, without any changes to the configuration that was previously working fine. Sometimes, I am allowed to access a resource, but after a few seconds when I make a new request I get a 403 forbidden error. Is there anything I can do to solve this issue?


It appears that the issue is exactly what has been described here (although the thread is now closed and the issue seems to be resolved): Gateway device posture check not work - #15 by bow

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Can you check if TLS decryption is enabled in your Network Settings?

It is disabled

Can you enable it and see if the mismatch info goes away?

I tried it now, but unfortunately it did not solve the issue. I am still presented with:
WARP: on
Gateway: off