Gateway Locations & WARP DNS?

I read the documentation and I set up two locations in Teams. One while I was physically in Seattle, and the other I reconfigured once I was in Houston. The Seattle location was setup first, and so is set as the default Location.

While in Houston, I noticed that Warp was not running, so I turned it on. Internet was super fast again, yay! I checked for DNS leaks and saw that I was leaking, and I remembered that, while travelling, I had to disable the machine and browser level DNS settings. So, I went into Teams to grab the settings. I grabbed the Houston location’s settings since I was now in Houston.

While in there, I went ahead an configured the IP for the Houston location. I went through all the proper setup steps and ensured my machine was configured for DNS routing for Houston. Now with Warp enabled and my machine configured the internet was fast again…for about 90 seconds. Then, reliably, my internet would go down every 90 seconds after turning warp off and back on again.

I could see in the Gateway logs the connections, which were stating clearly that my request was coming from the Seattle location. Why? I poked around until I decided to just make Houston the default Location.

Since making Houston the default location my internet has been stable behind Warp. Fast and reliable. What changed?

What happened here that I am maybe misunderstanding? Some conflict with DNS servers maybe? I’m quite confused.

Hi, can you email me at [email protected]? I don’t fully understand but it might be worth hopping on a call.

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