Gateway is not protecting Network

I’ve got my Home location set with my current WAN IP, however testing all of the categories that are supported to be blocked it reports that my network is not protected.

And here is the policy.

Testing with yields that my network is not protected and the category is not being blocked. I do see DNS traffic in the Logs for the Gateway, so I know traffic is being associated and sent correctly.

I believe I may have figured out part of it. I ended up breaking out the Content & Security categories into their own policy. That seem to get things blocked that I was trying to block, however the Teams Help Page still shows my network as not protected. Is that by design or should it show as protected under my Team?

Yes the original screenshot required a site to be in both a content and a security category.

Network on the help page is, I believe a test of whether you are running the Client on your device in Warp mode. If your DNS entries show up in the logs for your site it’s providing filtering for that location.

Is your password for your home network weak or easy to guess? If so then you really don’t have protection (and are basically using an open network!) If your password is weak or easy to guess, Ask your ISP to change the password to avoid strangers from accessing your network! Also, with a weak or easy to guess password, you significantly increase the chances of getting hacked! If I’m not reading your problem correctly could you explain your problem for me?

Cloudflare for Teams doesn’t know or check a user’s password.

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