Gateway Egress Rules for Free Plans

Hello, I’m folowing every Zero Trust innovation.

One of them that keeps me interested is Egress Rules, available only to Enterprise Customers.

Just one suggestion: Please allow free plans to set up Egress Rules based only on Countries (using Cloudflare’s own IP addresses).

Also: Please create a “Home Customer Plan”, where we can also implement ad blocking and maybe some personal web site.


Cloudflare doesn’t have any plans to release it for free that I am aware of, but would you be interested in a $45 per device/month plan or a $1 a GB plan offering that service through a Cloudflare partner?

What would be the use case for this?

The use case would be:

  1. Testing Egress Rules on a non production environment
  2. Using Cloudflare as a VPN provider, where we can select the country where we need to connect from.

I’m being curious too -

Can you provide a detailed elaboration on what your final goal is, that would actually require this one, e.g. the country selection?

Hello!. thanks for the interests.

Some use case would be:

  1. Some countries restrict where the client can connect from. For example, in venezuela, connecting to the local banks using IP addresses outside the country does not allow to make local transfers. We need to connect from IP addresses located in venezuela in order to have the full bank functionality.

  2. When working on a streaming service, we need to test georestrictions. Having the possibility to select the country where we can test from, would not require us to contract a VPN provider (like NordVPN, Surfshark, and others). We would like to make those tests using only Cloudflare Gateway.

  3. Some US services like Quicken, have use protection rules put in place, so that connection from outside the US are banned, because Quicken is a US-only service. If we are traveling, we need to connect to quicken service using IP addresses located in the US.

There are surely other use cases, these are just some examples.