Gateway Categories Bug

Why is blocked as Questionable Activities:


Gateway-Policies-Content categories-Questionable Content:


We certainly don’t know how obscure subdomains get categorized. I’m not even sure if a subdomain is categorized independently from the parent domain. doesn’t even show plex as being questionable.

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Not what I’m asking.

Then why is it blocked as ‘Questionable Activities,’ especially given I haven’t selected Movies, Television, or Video Streaming as categories I want to block? if you believe it is categorized incorrectly.


Because questionable activities is a category you have said you /do/ want to block.

Are you implying that is categorized as “Questionable Content” but not any of the sub-catgories:


Where at does it state that is Questionable Content-Questionable Activities?

I’m not implying anything. It was categorized as questionable activities which is in and of itself a category of Questionable Content. If you disagree, the link to file an incorrect categorization report is included above. is insufficient.

It only permits a submission of what category a domain should be and does not permit a submission of what category a domain should NOT be.


You can also report issues using the Radar domain miscategorization form: Using this form, you can report categories that a domain should or should not be. Whenever a submission is made, we review the request thoroughly to ensure that all categorizations for a domain are appropriate.

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I’m either missing something or this is a bug.

There is no text entry field at and the Questionable Activities category is not selected for so I can’t deselect it.

Similarly, is blocked as:

but Parked & For Sale Domains is not selected at

Apologies, there is a bug, and we are working to fix that. We have also reviewed the domain and updated its classification.