Gateway blocking ALL and TLDs

Without me changing anything, a gateway firewall policy that has operated without issue for years has started blocking ALL and TLDs. The policy has a single rule that blocks all categories under “security risks”.

Being on the free plan I don’t have access to support, which is fine, but where do I report a major false positive issue like this one?

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Thanks for the report. This has been escalated.

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Hello, Can you provide a few example domains with and TLDs that are categorizd incorrectly? You can use this link to check the categorization

Starting yesterday, the gateway firewall policy blocks all “” and “” default if “All security risks” is chosen in the security categories.

All domains I tried under those TLDs are correctly categorized using Cloudflare radar

I have to explicitly allowlist “” TLD to get access back:

Can you post some example domains you were having this issue with?

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Hi @ilyaa thanks for reporting this, we are currently looking into these issues.

It would help us a lot if you could supply example domains that you are seeing affected, as mentioned by @domjh

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All domains under are blocked -,,…


Thank you @ilyaa, we are investigating and this helps.


If it helps for your investigation - all DNS requests to TLD get “ABANDONED” response from Cloudflare


Thanks @ilyaa this information helped us narrow down the issue further and it has been escalated to our engineering team. In the meantime we recommend customers add an Allow policy for the TLD.


Good evening,

There seems to be a major issue here as this is affecting both zero trust and

Any Australian domains are blocked including examples such as ,, etc

Result when trying to do a name server resolution against and domains are also being blocked including

Tried both zero trust and and both returning the same result

Hi all,

We have raised an incident for this, which you can track here:

Thank you for the reports!


Thank you for your prompt support in getting this resolved :slight_smile:

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Working again! thank you!


Works also for .il domains. Thanks!


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