Gateway Block not working

I set up the following policy on my free gateway account that I intend to use in my home network.

None of the websites are getting blocked though. Even the logs mention they are allowing all the harmful websitesI have only location set up, and its the default one. I use the DoH address via YogaDNS on windows.

Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Yup, same here. I have my router pointing to the two DNS IP address per there instructions under ‘Gateway Locations’, yet nothing is getting blocked.

Also, should note that I try statically assign those DNS IPs directly on my Windows device think that my router was not redirecting me. Still no blocking.

This should be an easy fix. The image shows an “AND” so it only blocks sites that are in that list AND are part of the internetbadguys domain. An “OR” is the appropriate logic they most likely need.

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