Gateway and home use with dynamic IP


I’m trying Cloudflare Gateway at home with the free plan and for some reason there’s a DNS over TLS issue with my Fritz!Box router. Until this problem is resolved, I need to fallback using IPv4 DNS but I need to tell to Cloudflare Gateway the source IP of my home connection.

I’ve a dynamic IP with my ISP and I don’t understand whether I can report my new IP somehow (maybe using dynamic DNS services)?

I already use dns-o-matic but I don’t understand whether and how I can use it to update Gateway’s source IP to identify my home network.

Many thanks in advance.

Please use the Search function:

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Thanks, I’ve found the answer-non-answer :frowning_face:

Thanks very much :frowning_face:

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Hi @erapx are you able to use DoH until the issue with DoT is resolved with your router?

Unfortunately there’s not a way to keep Gateway updated with your source IP for plaintext queries.