Gateway - Allow upload of domain lists for allow and block

Is there a way to bulk upload my list of allowed and blocked sites (.CSV) into my CloudFlare for Teams location policy? I’d like to move from Cisco Umbrella, and the list is a bit extensive for each.


As it is currently designed, each domain must be individually entered which, if one has a relatively large number of domains to enter, is overly time-consuming. I request the option of either a) uploading a plain text list of line separated domains or b) a method to hook into a list formatted in the same way that’s hosted online using the URL of the list to be used. Thank-you.

Not that I know of, at the moment. Maybe there will be, @irtefa?

@intr0 and @JamesC, your requests were similar, so I have merged them to this product request which can be voted on by other users as well.


There will be a public facing API for uploading of whitelists and blacklists.


:+1:t3: Thank-you.

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It’s in the works.


Time to compose a list combining malicious servers/domains including anti-phishing, anti-spam, anti-tracking, anti-malvertizing etc. that’s efficient to plug into the upcoming API. Blocking social media would be of use during working hours as well. :+1:

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What is the current status? I’d like to use block lists from pihole for that eg:

Lists are now supported.

Is there a way to have URL with blocking list? Also as you can see this list is really big and updated frequently by eg CERT Poland. Would be great to have some automated way for managing it.

I’ll take a look at API to do update maybe once a week.

Is there documentation on how to implement this?