Gateway - Allow upload of domain lists for allow and block

Is there a way to bulk upload my list of allowed and blocked sites (.CSV) into my CloudFlare for Teams location policy? I’d like to move from Cisco Umbrella, and the list is a bit extensive for each.


As it is currently designed, each domain must be individually entered which, if one has a relatively large number of domains to enter, is overly time-consuming. I request the option of either a) uploading a plain text list of line separated domains or b) a method to hook into a list formatted in the same way that’s hosted online using the URL of the list to be used. Thank-you.

Not that I know of, at the moment. Maybe there will be, @irtefa?

@intr0 and @JamesC, your requests were similar, so I have merged them to this product request which can be voted on by other users as well.


There will be a public facing API for uploading of whitelists and blacklists.


:+1:t3: Thank-you.

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It’s in the works.


Time to compose a list combining malicious servers/domains including anti-phishing, anti-spam, anti-tracking, anti-malvertizing etc. that’s efficient to plug into the upcoming API. Blocking social media would be of use during working hours as well. :+1:

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